Unique Places has been involved in real estate investment, asset management and development for over 10 years.  We began as a land and resource conservation firm focused on monetizing conservation assets for our company and our clients.  Over the years, we discovered that a “Unique Place” is more than the land, but includes a multidimensional approach to developing place, improving communities, and creating high performance investment opportunities.

Our process of investing in and developing properties centers around the concept of “complexity of place”.  We believe that complexity breeds opportunity and discovering opportunities is what we do best.  We employ the strategy of “layering” revenue streams from traditional real estate resources (entitlements, subdivision, development, sales and rental income) with revenue from alternative markets including ecosystem assets, green energy, and conservation.  By exploring and layering a combination of traditional and alternative revenue streams, we create the most comprehensive strategies for diversifying and maximizing return on investment.

  • INVEST - Our investment strategy is centered around a core vision for identifying real estate investment opportunities with potential for significant capital appreciation through land entitlement, development/re-development, and community design.

  • DEVELOP - Our goal is to ensure successful real estate investment strategies through implementation of vertical and non-traditional development on properties when appropriate.

  • MANAGE - We manage individual properties and portfolios of real estate properties for individuals, companies, trusts and nonprofit organizations with the goals of efficiency, productivity and return on investments.

  • IMPACT - Most importantly, we understand the impact of real estate development on communities and the environment. We are a triple bottom line company that embraces outcomes which improve the social, ecological and financial framework of where we work.


Our expertise is broad and includes a multi-disciplinary team of professionals in the fields of:

  • Stream, Wetland & Species Mitigation

  • Eco-Asset Development

  • Land & Resource Conservation

  • Real Estate Investment

  • Real Estate Brokerage

  • Geographic Information Systems

  • Graphic & Layout Design

Each of these disciplines are housed in Unique Places' partner companies including Unique Places Mitigation, Unique Places Real Estate, and Unique Places GIS & Design. Through our talented team, we are able to approach projects from a comprehensive perspective or as experts in a specific discipline.  Please explore our partner's websites to learn more!