In 2018 Unique Places applied for and received a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant to complete the environmental, engineering, and construction related components of dam removal. Unique Places is currently managing the project and working with our engineering firm partners to successfully complete this project. 

The Cape Fear shiner is a federally‚Äźlisted endangered species that only occurs only in North Carolina. By removing High Falls Dam and restoring the shallow water habitat preferred by the Cape Fear shiner, the Project will play an important role in expanding its habitat and helping to strengthen the population that exists on the Deep River.  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is hopeful this dam removal will enable the population to recover to a point of being a long-term sustainable population, and potentially delist the species.

Unique Places understands that removal of the blockage created by the dam to provide access to these high-quality reaches is a substantial long-term benefit to these aquatic communities.