Many of the local ingredients used to produce the teas, smoothies and other goodies at the Honeysuckle Tea House are grown right on the Honeysuckle Farm.  It is home to the largest crop of elderberries in North Carolina and also produces large amounts of strawberries, blueberries, grapes and tea plants.

Honeysuckle Farm is the "hub" for EastWest Organics, a company that Unique Places has invested in that is working to create entrepreneurial and bold concepts to help local farms and businesses become more diversified and relevant.  With the farm acting as the hub, EastWest Organics operates the Honeysuckle Tea House as its primary point of sale for its products and just recently purchase the Looking Glass Cafe in Carrboro, NC as another point of sale for all its products grown and processed on Honeysuckle Farm. 

Look out for our new "Farmily" concept and our wedding events location coming online in 2018.