Located only 15 minutes outside of downtown Chapel Hill, Honeysuckle Tea House ("HTH") and Farm is a unique and tranquil space tucked away in the pastoral countryside. The tea house is an open air structure, built with repurposed materials and timber framing, and vaulted on four shipping containers from a Norfolk, VA shipyard. Unique Places is an investor and also co-operates the Honeysuckle Tea House.  

Honeysuckle Tea House, connects its customers with the power and beauty of the plants and flowers naturally occurring in our surrounding environments.  Most every ingredient under the HTH label, has been grown, processed and packaged on site.

In addition to selling seasonal apothecary items, 'Garden to Glass' artisanal beverages and health conscious bites, Honeysuckle also offers WIFI, live music, a myriad of educational workshops, yoga, and monthly garden tours.

Our investment in HTH is driven by the creation of a unique place that welcomes and excites the community. We believe this is the most assured path to a well-performing investment.