Unique Places began its vision for The Honeysuckle through strategic real estate purchase of 225 acres of land in Orange County including an arboretum, forested natural heritage area, a small farm and a “farmstand” called the Honeysuckle Tea House.

Over time, Unique Places worked to create a unified vision of these real estate assets. We discovered a non-profit partner in Unique Places to Save to help us implement this vision and create a 50/50 non-profit/for-profit joint venture, which eventually became The Honeysuckle. Unique Places’ CEO, Jeff Fisher, a long-time resident of Orange County, and his wife Svetlana, have also taken a personal stake in the success of the project, serving as a social impact investor along with Unique Places LLC.

The Honeysuckle is an experiment in land conservation, community farm creation, and local farm to beverage businesses.  

The land assets are referred to as The Honeysuckle Farm & Gardens and includes the farmland surrounding Honeysuckle Tea House, the Keith Collection of over 3,400 species of trees and shrubs from around the world, and the adjoining Pickards Mountain Forest, a state-designated Natural Heritage Area with trails traversing its rich, mature chestnut oak forest encompassing the second highest point in Orange County.

The retail assets include The Honeysuckle Cafe and Bar, which is the downtown storefront where we feature our smoothies, teas, and meads in addition to a wide selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner fare to accompany your locally-sourced beverages.  Our other retail asset is The Honeysuckle Tea House which is referred to as a tree house in the sky.  Built on shipping containers and other repurposed materials, the Tea House is an open-air farm stand.

And lastly, The Honeysuckle also includes The Honeysuckle Meadery that merges the fruits from our berry and herb crops, and cuttings and spices from the Honeysuckle Farm and Garden with the right mix of honey and love to create Honeysuckle Mead.

If you are interested in learning more about The Honeysuckle or becoming a member, please visit our website at


Unique Places GIS & Design worked with The Honeysuckle to produce their website and many other collateral materials to help promote their story and purpose. You can visit the Unique Places GIS & Design website to view more samples of our design work, by going to